The Top 10 Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in the World

Agricultural equipment is more important now than ever before. With the population growing at an alarming rate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed everyone. That’s where agricultural equipment manufacturers come in. They design and build machines that help farmers produce more food, faster. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 10 agricultural equipment manufacturers in the world.

John Deere is the world’s leading provider of advanced products and services in agriculture and forestry, with a long history of more than 180 years of the world’s construction machinery, the agricultural machinery giant is a major provider of advanced products and services in construction, lawn and field maintenance, landscape engineering and irrigation. Known as “the aristocrat of agricultural machinery.”! John Deere also provides financial services and manufactures and markets heavy equipment engines worldwide. The company is also a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment for construction, forestry, turf, and sod cultivation. In addition, the company manufactures diesel engines and other industrial power equipment and provides products and services in credit cards, health care, and specialized technology.

John Deere USA dates back to 1837 when it was founded by inventor John Deere. As a century-old company spanning three centuries, John Deere adheres to the corporate credo of revering the land and serving people, impressing consumers with honesty, quality, trustworthiness, and innovation, and as early as 2017, its total assets have reached $65.786 billion, a Fortune 500 company, belonging to the deservedly largest agricultural machinery company in the world.

It is worth mentioning that, as early as 2015 before, China’s cotton picker market has more than 90% of the market share divided by foreign enterprises, including the global machinery giant John Deere is a steady share of about 50% of the domestic market, and its products used to be the sales champion in the Chinese market for many years, last year John Deere 5MZ-5 model cotton picker, but also sold 130 units in the Chinese market, which shows that the brand in the domestic The influence of the brand in the domestic market is still undiminished.

Product review: John Deere in the cotton picker head manufacturing, automation control, etc., has a first mover advantage, especially has cast a strong technical barrier. In the face of cotton pickers such a seemingly simple, but in fact high threshold industry, it is not easy to really break the monopoly. John Deere’s harvesting performance in similar models at the world’s leading level, with a high performance-to-price ratio. At the same time, it has the advantages of large feeding capacity, sufficient power matching, good reliability, high efficiency, and quick recovery of investment costs for users. For example, John Deere 3316 combine harvester is a medium-sized non-traditional combine harvester, which adopts the international advanced CTS technology – tangential threshing drum plus single axial flow nail teeth separating drum structure, thus enhancing the threshing and separating performance of the machine, reducing the broken rate of grain, and the common tangential flow with the 1000 series. The adjustment range of the drum is large and the adaptability is wide. The small nail tooth rice threshing device has a strong threshing capacity and a low brown rice rate. The machine mainly harvests rice and wheat, and can also harvest soybeans and other crops after being equipped with corresponding functional parts, truly realizing a multi-purpose machine.

CNH (Case New Holland) company is today one of the world’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturing companies, its tractors, combine harvesters, and forage machinery sales ranked among the world’s top. CNH products through 11,300 dealers around the world to more than 170 countries and regions, with annual sales of more than $ 19 billion. CNH has 37 production bases in 15 countries, 28 R&D centers, and 19 joint ventures

Case New Holland Industries was formed through the merger of CNH Global and Fiat Industrial AG, and its predecessor, CNH Global, through the merger of New Holland and Case Corporation.

CNH promotes two brands of agricultural machinery in China, CASE IH, and NEW HOLLAND. The products cover tractors, combine harvesters, cotton pickers, grape harvesters, sugar cane harvesters and various kinds of pasture machinery, etc., fully meeting different agricultural production needs and providing customers with a comprehensive and complete product line.

The history of the CASE IH brand can be traced back more than 170 years ago, and the development in China has nearly a hundred years of history. The first tractors introduced to China in the early 1900s, the first service branches established in China, the Farmall tractors used in many places, and the sponsorship of 20 Chinese agricultural mechanics to study in the United States in the 1940s are some of the pioneering work associated with the Case brand. Today, Case agricultural machinery has become an iconic piece of equipment introduced into China for high-end agricultural products, making a big difference in precision farming and conservation tillage.

Case’s axial drum combine harvesters, ultra-powerful tractors, conservation tillage equipment, cotton pickers, and sugar cane harvesters are playing an increasingly important role in China’s major agricultural regions. For example, the largest number of tractors over 200 hp and large combine harvesters over 250 hp, 6-row cotton pickers, and cut-off sugarcane harvesters used in various provinces and regions in China are all from Case.

New Holland brand (NEW HOLLAND), 100-180 horsepower imported tractors are from New Holland. New Holland 110-90 tractor (110 hp) has played a milestone role in the history of China’s replacement of iron track tractors with wheeled tractors. The T1804 tractor with full powershift transmission and Euro III engine is ideal for modern, moderate scale farming. New Holland TL (80-100hp) and TS (110-130hp) series tractors, which adopt New Holland’s advanced technology, have been fully localized.

Product Review: New Holland complete sets of forage and straw harvesting machinery, with high operational efficiency, low operating costs and high reliability and get the favor of professional users. Especially the competitive New Holland BC5000 series small square bale baler has gained more and more popularity among professional users who understand baling operation and pay attention to operation efficiency and effectiveness. As the first large self-propelled silage harvester introduced into the Chinese market, New Holland FR9000 series products are highly praised by users for their high efficiency, high reliability and wide adaptability.

Kubota Group is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Japan, Kubota was founded in 1890. The headquarters is located in Osaka, Japan. And the Kerry Corporate Center in Shanghai’s Jing’an District is the Kubota Group’s first regional headquarters in the world. By establishing a global circular relationship between food, water and the environment, Kubota continues to develop advanced technologies and products that meet the requirements of the times, and its products cover various fields such as agriculture, construction and wastewater treatment. With a total of 158 subsidiaries and 18 affiliated companies, the Kubota Group has a comprehensive global presence in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Japan, and Kubota is a world leader, especially in the fields of agricultural machinery, small construction machinery, small diesel engines, and cast iron pipes. The Kubota Group has made China an important global production and R&D base. The famous slogan of Kubota Group: “For Earth, For Life”.

Kubota’s total global tractor production has exceeded 4 million units, especially its signature product mini backhoe, which has been the world’s No. 1 seller for 15 consecutive years, and its sales network has spread all over the world, and in 2018, Kubota ranked No. 547 in the Forbes Global 2000. Kubota’s rice harvester has been a legend in China.

Product Review: Japanese machinery products tend to have outstanding performance and stable quality, with careful design, selected materials, and lean production, both product performance, and quality are very stable. Easy to operate and adaptable to the field. Some people have jokingly said, small field, big field, wet field, rotten field, there are fields, there is Kubota. Kubota agricultural machinery can harvest a variety of crops, not only rice, and wheat, but can also harvest rape, and grain, very powerful. Kubota is also very advanced in terms of tractors. Kubota 954, for example, the advantages are very obvious: the body is small, the workmanship is quite delicate, low body weight, low fuel consumption, and high output horsepower. The minimum use mass is only 3.2 tons, compared to other brands of the same horsepower, very suitable for paddy field use.

Secondly, due to the small weight of the body, the rutting depth will be much smaller when working in paddy fields, which has obvious advantages for other mechanical operations later. It is worth mentioning that the output horsepower of the Kubota 954 can reach about 95%, which is a prominent feature that other brands do not have. It is the world’s first giant John Deere’s output horsepower is only about 85-90%, so in terms of output horsepower, Kubota 954 has a very unique advantage. However, Kubota 954 repair and maintenance prices are also relatively high compared to other brands, which is an important factor that hinders the enthusiasm of consumers to buy.

Kubota’s first-class quality in the field of diesel engines, especially the technically mature longitudinal axial flow threshing mechanism, high durability gearbox, and HST. The advantages of Kubota diesel engines are high output torque, high thermal efficiency, and good fuel economy.

Yanmar Ltd. is a world-renowned machinery and equipment manufacturer – Japan Yanmar Group of companies, one of the four major manufacturers of agricultural machinery, was established in March 1912. Yanmar developed the world’s first commercial small diesel engine in 1933 and commercialized it. Since then, Yanmar has continued to develop the world’s most advanced engine technology and holds a large number of patents and intellectual property rights. “Yanmar is recognized as the world’s leading diesel engine brand and is particularly proud of its products and services. Yanmar is not only recognized for its high-quality products, excellent service, and competitive advantages in the market, but also for its green and environmentally friendly engines and its commitment to the development of the most advanced fuel-saving technologies.

Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. The head office is located at 1-32, Chaya-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan’s second-largest city. Ltd. has several manufacturing bases, companies, and parts distribution centers around the world, including Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, outside of Japan, and its products include engines (marine and land-based), agricultural machinery, construction machinery, generator sets, and yachts.

Yanmar semi-feed combine harvester was the first of its kind to enter the Chinese market and established the first Sino-Japanese joint venture for agricultural machinery in China, pioneering the entry of foreign semi-feed combine harvester manufacturers into the Chinese agricultural machinery production field. As an outstanding manufacturer of rice production machinery, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery’s product layout has covered the entire mechanized equipment for rice production, including tillage, seeding, management, harvesting, and drying, and has been expanding to highly efficient mechanized equipment for dryland cash crops. In terms of intelligence, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery first started to promote the application of an automatic straight-line system on rice transplanters to realize accurate straight-line planting operations, reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that in 1955, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. was awarded the Gold Medal Award for diesel engines by the German Inventors Association; in 1968, it received the Deming Award for quality control, the first time ever by an engine manufacturer in Japan; in 1997, it received ISO14001 certification for the optimal use of raw materials and the design of products for noise and vibration reduction; in 2000 Received the IOM engine air pollution prevention recognition. In 1996, the economic and ecological tractor was awarded the Nikkei Service Excellence Award; in 1998, the large tractor was awarded the Excellent Design Award (10th time); in 1999, the economic and ecological tractor was awarded the Japan Machinery Federation Chairman’s Award; in 2000, the new concept machine “Agrica In 2000, Yanmar’s new concept machine “Agrica” was awarded the “Excellent Design Award” by the government.

Product Review: Yanmar Agricultural Machinery has always aimed to improve agricultural production efficiency and increase farmers’ profitability, and actively promoted new product development, successively launching the high-power semi-feed combine harvester AG600 at the early stage of the industry, the first YH880 and YH1180 crawler-type full-feed combine harvester with innovative technologies such as FDS full-time drive transmission and UFO body balanced chassis, and releasing the dense seedling technology and launched innovative products such as YR60D rice transplanter with dense seedlings. At the 2020 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery also launched the high-power YH6118 semi-feed combine harvester, which will be available in 2021, gathering Yanmar’s latest design concept and a number of leading technologies in the industry.

The harvester is equipped with an 87.3kW (118.8hp) high-pressure common rail engine with strong power, 6 rows of harvesting, 1.98m cutting width, and 1.76m/s operating speed, which is the most powerful, the most rows of harvesting and the most efficient semi-feed combine harvester in the Chinese market. It brings users a new high-end harvester experience.

Agco Group is the third-largest agricultural machinery giant in the world and a Fortune 500 company. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA, Agco is a young “90s” company that maintains innovative energy and grows rapidly through continuous mergers and acquisitions. The main sales markets are Europe and the Middle East (56% of total sales), while Asia Pacific and Africa account for the least (9% of total sales).

The Finnish company Valtra Tractors Ltd. was once the fifth largest tractor manufacturer in the West, producing agricultural tractors from 60-280 hp. The company has a history of more than 50 years and all key components are developed, designed, and produced by the company itself. It is worth mentioning that the tractor production plant in Svorahti, Finland, was the first tractor production plant in the world to receive ISO quality certification. The company has an annual production capacity of about 18,000 high-horsepower tractors and 27,000 diesel engines. Products are available in more than 100 countries and regions. The company’s unique customer-ordered production system allows each tractor to be built to order according to the specific needs of the customer. In Northern Europe, Valtra tractors have the number one market share. In South America, Valtra is the second best-selling brand; in Europe and North America, the company is also growing rapidly. Valtra is favored by farm workers and farmers for its strong horsepower, reliable performance, low failure rate, low fuel consumption, high operational efficiency, and good after-sales service and spare parts supply system.

Product Review: Agco is the world’s top-ranked tractor development, manufacturing, and sales of agricultural machinery giants. Agco Group has developed 51.5 to 95.6kW (70 to 130hp) products for the market, mainly including F1004-C, S1104-C, S1204-C, and S1304-C tractors. Based on Massey Ferguson’s more than 170 years of experience, the series adopts a new modular design concept and a component sourcing strategy and features powerful power, higher fuel economy, richer product features, and a more user-friendly operating experience.

The Agco “series” tractors have become an important part of Agco’s product lineup in China. At the same time, some tractor models from Finland and France factories will be gradually transferred to the Changzhou factories in China. Equipped with powerful Agco-powered engines, innovative designs, and ergonomic comfort features, Agco’s Massey Ferguson brand tractors can easily handle a variety of heavy-duty fieldwork tasks for tillage, planting, seeding, loading, transport, and other needs.

As an important part of the total solution for forage and straw, MF 2270XD is a series of large square bale balers specially developed and manufactured for medium and large professional forage planting bases and biomass power plants that are booming in China. Baling machine.

CLAAS, Germany, has a reputation for “high quality” in the global agricultural machinery circle. Founded in 1913, this old family-owned German agricultural machinery company has been the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world through the efforts of two or three generations of CLAAS. The harvester is one of CLAAS’ most famous products.

Founded in 1913 and headquartered in Germany, CLAAS is known as the “harvesting expert” in the industry, and its signature product, the JAGUAR series of self-propelled silage harvesters, accounts for more than 50% of the global share. The world Guinness record for Combine harvesting (wheat) – team in eight hours (675.84 tons of grain in 8 hours) was set in 2011, but in 2014 the record was broken by New Holland’s CR 10.90 combine harvester (797.656 tons). It is worth noting that CLAAS invests around 5.8% of its total revenue in research and development.

Known in the industry as “FIRST CLAAS”, the German CLAAS is known as the “harvesting expert”, with one LEXION for every three harvesters and one JAGUAR for every two silage machines in Europe. The German CLAAS products are also known for their high prices in the global agricultural machinery industry, being the most expensive agricultural machinery in the world and known as the luxury of agricultural machinery. However, in Chinese, it means: you get what you pay for, and you get what you pay for. Therefore, CLAAS is expensive for a reason, German manufacturing has traditionally had a fairly good reputation.

Historically, the straw baler was first manufactured and sold successfully by means of a patent on the knotter. The knotting nozzle on the knotter was also the first patent in the history of the company. In the 1930s, CLAAS developed the first generation of combine harvesters especially suited to European harvesting conditions and put this traction combine into mass production in 1937 and the self-propelled combine into production in 1953. By the 1960s and 1970s, the scope of the CLAAS business was expanding. A typical event was the establishment of a plant in Metz, France, in 1962, and the successive development of the forage harvester business, the development of sugar cane machines, and round bale balers.

Product review: The CLAAS balers are highly segmented: there are various types of small square bales, round bales, large square bales, and wrap-around machines. In particular, the silage harvesters of CLAAS are an important option for customers. There are three main reasons why CLAAS products are highly recognized by users worldwide: firstly, the high-quality assurance of German products, which also stems from CLAAS’ very demanding requirements for product quality; secondly, the products work very well and can meet the requirements of users; and thirdly, the service system is very perfect. It is worth mentioning that when users get the products, German CLAAS will conduct training on the use of the products, such as machine operation training, driver training, and senior technician training, and every year Kras will do the corresponding training in different areas, and regional development characteristics. All these are the important reasons why global users love CLAAS products.

Fendt is Germany’s 2nd largest tractor manufacturer, long-term in the world, especially in developed countries tractor market occupies a very high tractor brand awareness, known as the tractor in the high-end products and “aristocratic”. Now it is the brand of Agco.

Fendt is a leading high-tech brand designed for demanding customers and is known as the innovation leader in agricultural machinery, while the brand is owned by the US-based Agco Group. In addition to the Fendt brand, Agco has four other brands under its umbrella: Challenger, GSI, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra.

In addition, the German FENDT began in 1970, and in 1998 merged with the Hobby brand, is one of Europe’s top caravan brands, focusing on the production of high-end trailer caravans.

Product review: Germany Fendt is known as the agricultural machinery industry “Rolls Royce”. It is worth mentioning that Fendt’s IDEAL 9T combine harvester, the first top combine harvester with floor suspension technology and a transport width of no more than 3.3m, has won the Silver Award for innovation at the exhibition.

In order to improve the utilization and adaptability of the machine and make it work efficiently, safely, and reliably, Fendt and other foreign agricultural machinery companies in Europe and the United States commonly use computers for computer-aided design (CAD), aided testing (CAT) and aided manufacturing (CAM). And the integration of electromechanical-hydraulic integration, automation, intelligent new technologies, real-time monitoring, and regulation of the combined harvester’s operating parameters. For example, the threshing drum load detection system reduces or prevents the clogging phenomenon.

SAME DEUTZ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesters, diesel engines, and agricultural machinery. Its brands include SAME, Lamborghini Trattori, Hürlimann, DEUTZ-FAHR and Grégoire. Its products are sold for quality, performance, and practical design, and have won several industry innovation awards and Red Dot design awards. It is worth mentioning that Lamborghini Trattori has the same origin as the Lamborghini sports car and that the tractors it produces use the same logo of the “unyielding bull”.

In 1972 Same bought the Italian Lamborghini tractor company, and in 1977 bought the Swiss Horlimann tractor factory. In 1994, Same bought the German company Deutz-Fahr and established the Same Deutz-Fahr Group. Today, the group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, combine harvesters, agricultural machinery, and engines.

SAME DEUTZ-FAHR is a company that has grown by association, acquiring numerous brands of agricultural machinery, including “SAME SAME”, “DEUTZ-FAHR”, “LAMBORGHINI”, “LAMBORGHINI” and “LAMBORGHINI”. LAMBORGHINI”, “HURLIMANN” and “GREGOIRE”. Each brand has a unique product design language and product system.

In 2003, SAME DEUTZ acquired 29.9% of the shares of DEUTZ AG. DEUTZ AG was founded in 1876 by August Otto, the inventor of the internal combustion engine. DEUTZ AG was the first manufacturer in the world to produce engines on an industrial scale, and its shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany.

Product Review: SAME DEUTZ is the industry benchmark in terms of brand recognition, product aesthetics, and production sophistication. As a global leader in the agricultural machinery industry, SAME DEUTZ. As a global leader in the agricultural machinery industry, Same DEUTZ-FAHR Group ( SDF ) had a grand appearance at the famous SIMA exhibition, which attracted global media coverage. It is worth mentioning that Same Flotto S 105 ActiveDrive was awarded “Machine of the Year” by Terre-Net and became the global leader in the agricultural machinery industry.

The world’s leading tractor brand, Massey Ferguson has more than 160 years of innovative history and experience, and has now been acquired by Aiko to become Aiko’s sub-brand. Back in 1847, Daniel Massey opened a workshop in Ontario, Canada to manufacture agricultural equipment. Ten years later, Alanson Harris also opened a foundry in Ontario, Canada, specializing in the manufacture and repair of agricultural equipment, and the two companies continued to grow in their respective operations, and in 1891, Massey & Company (UK) and Harris Corporation (USA) formally merged to become “Massey & Harris”. In 1953, Massey Harris merged with Harry Ferguson’s company of the same name, and the name of the company was combined with the names of the three founders to form “Massey Harris Ferguson”. The name was officially changed to Massey Ferguson in 1958.

Massey Ferguson offers the most comprehensive range of agricultural tractors in the industry. Massey Ferguson’s tractors range from simple to complex models for vineyards, orchards and other product lines, and are practical and compact tractors that meet a variety of specialized needs. Massey Ferguson drives the development of harvesting equipment worldwide.

Product Review: Massey Ferguson tractors have become the mainstay of cooperative operations, especially the Massey Ferguson high horsepower tractor MF 2204 not only beautiful appearance, but the whole machine is also durable, has very high operational reliability and stability, has very low failure rate, Massey Ferguson tractor products have a humane design and higher efficiency. Among them, the overall superior performance and excellent economy, once launched immediately by the user attention. It is worth mentioning that Massey Ferguson also has impeccable after-sales service. As a giant in the design, production, and distribution of agricultural machinery and equipment, Aiko has always attached great importance to the after-sales service of the equipment sold. “Extraordinary experience, shared”, is the secret weapon that Massey Ferguson can win the following of agricultural producers.

Weichai Lever Heavy Industries was established in 1998, the business covers agricultural equipment, construction machinery, and other machinery and equipment industries, with total assets of 13.6 billion yuan, an operating income of 14 billion yuan in 2020, and cumulative production and sales of more than 6 million units of various types of machinery since its establishment, capable of providing total mechanization solutions for modern agriculture, with a comprehensive contribution of more than 20% to the full mechanization of China’s grain production, to ensure national Weichai Leveraged Heavy Industry continues to speed up the development of the machinery.

Weichai Levol Heavy Industry continues to accelerate the pace of global development, and has established more than 500 marketing and service channels in more than 120 countries overseas, forming a network system covering the whole world, and has sold more than 100,000 units of agricultural equipment and construction machinery products. Among them, the export market share of large and medium-sized tractors reaches 30%.

On January 6, 2021, Weichai Group officially completed the strategic restructuring of Reeva Heavy Industries. After the reorganization, Weichai Lovol Heavy Industries officially entered a new stage of development. Weichai Lovol Heavy Industries has become an important strategic business unit of the Weichai Group. The strategic vision of Weichai Lever Heavy Industries is to focus on high-end agricultural equipment, build a world-class agricultural equipment group, achieve a business income of 50 billion yuan by 2025 and enter the first echelon of the global industry, and reach 100 billion yuan by 2030 and enter the top three in the world.

Product Review: Reeva Abo’s agricultural equipment is the earliest business that Reeva Heavy Industries entered. Over the past 17 years, Reeva Abo’s agricultural equipment has continuously optimized its business portfolio, and is committed to providing customers with land preparation, tillage, seeding, field management, harvesting, straw treatment, and grain drying machinery and equipment, and is also the domestic independent brand that can provide the whole process of agricultural mechanization solutions. The business covers five major businesses: wheat machines, rice machines, corn machines, tractors, and agricultural machinery.

It is worth mentioning that Lovol Gushen’s wheat harvesting machinery has been leading for 15 consecutive years with a market share of 70%. Reeva medium and large tractors have led the industry for 11 consecutive years, covering the 20-320 horsepower segment. The high-end agricultural machinery of Reeva has entered into pasture machinery, drying machinery, tillage machinery, seeding machinery, and plant protection machinery in turn, forming a full series of high-end agricultural machinery businesses and filling the gap of medium and high-end agricultural machinery in China.

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