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Hero Harrow is a tillage implement manufacturer of land preparation combine, disc harrow, disc plow,  and disc blades since 1956. Our products have been exported to the USA, Australia, Chile, Algeria, Tanzania, Kenya Ethiopia, and other countries. We are plenty sure that our high-quality products will boost your business soon.

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The Ultimate Guide Of Tillage Implements

Types, Uses and More

Chapter 1

Overview of Tillage Implements

Chapter 2

Why Perform Tillage?

The primary purpose of tillage is to incorporate crop residues back into the soil.

This improves conditions for the next crop by:

– Breaking up compaction layers

– Reducing evaporation from the soil surface

– Enhancing infiltration of water and air

-Mixing in fertilizer, lime, and other amendments

– Destroying weeds and their seeds

disc harrow working in the field

Chapter 3

What Is The Primary Tillage?

Primary tillage is the first tillage operation in a season. It is typically performed to loosen and aerate the topsoil, as well as mix in organic matter or amendments.

What are some common types of tillage implements?

Some common types of tillage implements are:

– Plows: Used to turn over the soil and bury crop residues. Plows come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted on tractors or pulled by animals.

– Harrows: Used to break up clods, level the soil surface, and incorporate crop residues. There are many different types of harrows, including disk harrows, chisel plows, and rotary hoes.

– Cultivators: Used to loosen the topsoil, control weeds, and aerate the soil. Cultivators come in many different designs, but all have sharp teeth or blades that rotate to chop up the soil and weed roots.

Chapter 4

What Is The Secondary Tillage?

The secondary tillage is the last tillage before planting. It usually just loosens the top few inches of soil to allow for better seed-to-soil contact. This can be done with a cultivator, harrow, or other implements.

here are some tips for secondary tillage :

– make sure the soil is dry enough to work with. if it’s too wet, you’ll just end up compacting it more and making it harder for your crops to grow.

– loosen the soil to a depth of about four inches. any more than that and you risk bringing up weed seeds from deeper down in the soil.

– make sure to go over the entire field evenly. you don’t want any areas that are too loose or too tight.

After the secondary tillage, you’re ready to plant your crops!

Chapter 5

What Are The Types Of The Primary Tillage Implements?

Soil preparation is key to successful farming, and primary tillage uses large machinery to get the job done. Plowing turns over topsoil while a disk breaks apart compacted soils or creates ideal planting beds. Chiseling ensures good drainage in heavy clay soils through narrow furrows created by an advanced chisel plow technology. These methods are essential for farmers everywhere!

Chapter 6

What Are The Types Of The Secondary Tillage?

Secondary tillage offers farmers a range of tools to ensure the soil is in optimal condition for crop growth. Cultivating with hoes or cultivators gets rid of weeds and loosens up the dirt before planting, while harrowing using disk harrows or field cultivators breaks apart clumps and smooths out any lumps on top. Rolling then uses rollers to press down firmly so crops have an even seedbed when planted.

disc harrow working in the field

Chapter 7

Different Tillage Implements Used Worldwide

There are many different types of tillage implements used worldwide. Some of the most common include:

Disc plows: Disc plows are used to turn over the top layer of soil. They have large, disk-shaped blades that rotate to loosen and turn the soil.

Disc harrows: Disc harrows are used to chop up the surface of the soil. This type of tillage implementation is often used to break up compacted soils or to prepare a seedbed for planting.

Chisel plows: Chisel plows are used to create narrow furrows in the soil. This type of tillage implementation is often used to improve drainage in heavy, clay soils.

Cultivators: Cultivators are used to removing weeds and loosen the soil. This type of tillage implement is often used before planting crops.

Rollers: Rollers are used to compact the soil. This type of tillage implementation is often used after seedbed preparation to create a firm seedbed for planting.

Seedbed preparation combines: Seedbed preparation combines are used to till, plant, and fertilize a field in one pass. This type of tillage implement is often used in large-scale farming operations

disc harrow working in the field

Chapter 8

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Disc Plow?

The disc plow is a powerful tool for working on fields, allowing farmers to easily till even the toughest soil with minimal power use and less risk of compacting it. However, caution should be taken when using them in sloped or tight spaces – while they may help to save time, their efficiency could lead to issues such as erosion if not handled carefully.

Chapter 9

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Disc Harrow?

Disc harrow has the following advantages:

– Disc harrows are used to chop up the surface of the soil.

– This type of tillage implement is often used to break up compacted soils or to prepare a seedbed for planting.

– Disc harrowing can also help level out a field.

The disadvantages of disc harrow are as follows:

– Disc harrows can cause soil erosion if used on steep slopes.

– Disc harrows can also lead to compaction of the soil.

Chapter 10

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chisel Plows?

With a chisel plow, you have the power to turn your land around and increase its productivity. Narrow furrows created by this type of tillage implement can help improve drainage in otherwise heavy clay soils, while also providing much-needed aeration for even better results. However, it’s important to remember that using them on steep slopes could lead to soil erosion or compaction if not done carefully!

In Summary

In Summary

The wide choices of  Tillage Implement can overwhelm the buyer. However, if equipped with the right Tillage Implement information, decision-making becomes much easier. Tillage Implement varies in their functions. Knowing the purpose of the tillage narrows the list of tillage implement choices. This article has discussed what one needs to know before buying a certain tillage implement.

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