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Ready to upgrade your farming equipment? Disc ploughs offer a range of features that can make life easier when it comes to tilling and preparing soil. In this blog post, we’ll go over the specifics – from types of disc ploughs available to factors you should keep in mind while selecting one. Whether you’re an experienced farmer or newbie looking for info on these handy tools, read ahead for all the answers!

Max.Working Widthm0.450.60.75-0.91.0-1.21.25-1.5
Max.Working Depthcm1820252530
Disc No.cm33345
Disc Diameterpcs450500650650710
Serapers No.0/30/30/30/45
Overall Weightkg160/170180/190465/480500/520650
Matched PowerHp15/2020/3050-6060-8090-120


The Complete Guide to Picking the Best Disc Plough for Your Land

what are the types of disc plough?

Working a farm can be hard and time-consuming, but having the right tools for the job makes it that much easier. Disc ploughs are essential for tilling soil so crops can grow – there are two main types to choose from: traditional conventional designs pulled by either tractors or animals, and larger mounted models attached to tractor backs which cover more ground quicker. With these powerful harrowers at hand, farmers have everything they need to cultivate their land with ease!

What are the factors you need to consider when choosing a disc plough?

1, The size of your farm

2, The type of soil you’re working with

3, Your budget: Disc ploughs can range in price, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping.

what is the adventage of Disc plough ?

Disc ploughs are the perfect tool for farmers looking to turn over their soil quickly and effectively. Using discs instead of traditional blades, these ploughs cut through hardened dirt with ease, allowing fewer passes than other types – saving precious time and fuel costs in the process. Not only that, but disc ploughs also ensure a level seedbed which can maximize crop yields.

In Summary

The wide choices of disc ploughs can overwhelm the buyer. However, if equipped with the right disc plough information, decision making becomes much easier. Disc plough vary in their functions. By knowing the purpose of the disc plough  narrows the list of valve choices. This article has discussed what one needs to know before buying a certain disc plough.

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